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Bicycle Parking Types

There are several bicycle parking types out there. In an effort to help identify some of the different types we have added some new icons and type options. Here is a description of what we have so far. If you have any suggestions please contact us with any feedback. Not all types have their own icon yet and the standard bike parking icon will appear. Remember that choosing a type is optional. If the type you are looking for is not in the list, please choose something that looks similar or has similar security features. If the type is completely different send a request and we will add it to the list. Also, note that some of the types listed here are not an option on the app(s) yet.

  • Bollard style

    Bollard style - Bollard style are usually a post with some sort of circle or other enclosed design where the bike lock is attached. Think old parking meter converted to bike parking or single post.

  • Corral

    Corral - Corral is a larger area designated for bicycle parking. Usually an area that used to be regular car parking spot.

  • Decorative

    Decorative - Decorative bicycle parking is fun and integrates art with bicycle parking. If the features of a decorative spot match any of the other options (such as wave) please select that type, if not, decorative is here for the others.

  • Garage

    Garage - Usually a larger area for parking bicycles in a garage. Not necessarily a bike rack in a garage, but a garage designated for bicycles. Again, if it is a rack in a garage please select one of the other types if they match.

  • Grid style racks

    Grid style racks - These usually look like some type of grid. A bar across the top, a bar across the bottom and several vertical bars in between.

  • Handrail

    Handrail - Hey, when there isn't any bike parking around, sometimes there is a nice hand rail that will do the job.

  • Hangers

    Hangers - Usually a vertical bar with triangles or circles handing down.

  • Innovative racks

    Innovative racks - These can be a variety of different racks. Some have arms that swing out, some have built in cables...

  • Lid

    Lid - Protects bikes from the elements and keeps them secure in a fully enclosed shell or "lid" like BikeLid.

  • Locked fence

    Locked fence - Sometimes a coral or racks are behind a locked fence. Maybe we will reserve this one for employee only areas for example.

  • Locker

    Locker - Lockers are fully enclosed boxes where a bicycle can be locked inside. Some lockers require rental or subscription service.

  • Minimal front tire only

    Minimal front tire only - These racks are probably the lowest security rating in my opinion. They usually only have enough to set in the front or back tire and are really nice for propping up a bike and maybe locking it with a cable, but I do not recommend leaving your bike in one of these out of site for long.

  • Rental bike share station

    Rental bike share station - These are the automated rental share stations and will be marked with a blue icon.

  • Rental shop

    Rental shop - Rental shops can also be added to the map and will be marked with the same blue icon as rental share stations.

  • Staple / Inverted U racks

    Staple / Inverted U racks - These seem to be very common.

  • Staple with cross bar

    Staple with cross bar - Same as the staple rack, but with a cross bar to add a little more security.

  • Tree

    Tree - Yep, a tree, sometimes there is nothing else around. Careful not to damage the bark.

  • Wave style

    Wave style - Wave or spiral racks.

  • Pump station

    Pump station - Some shops and other areas will have a bicycle pump secured to the ground. If there is one near bike parking feel free to send multiple pictures of the same location if you would like to identify a rack and a nearby pump station!

  • Repair station

    Repair station - Repair stations are found near some bike shops and maybe around campus, and other areas of course, but these seem to be the most common so far. Repair stations are permanent fixtures with tools attached where you can work on your bike if needed.