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Last updated: 10-24-2012 (October 24, 2012)

The following describes that no personal identifiable information is stored on the server while using this website or any apps associated with "The Bicycle Parking Project" or bicycleparking.org. The following also describes the permssions required by the mobile application(s) and why those permissions are required for accuracy and usable data.

Data Storage

The server does not store any identifiable information. The only information stored is the image and the coordinates sent from your phone along with any (optional) notes that you may decide to enter about a bicycle parking spot. The app requires access to your gps coordinates to ensure accuracy when placing the bicycle rack or parking area on the map. An image is required to help identify the spot and help others find it. No contact information or other identifiable information is requested for any reason.

Your current location is also processed to help find bicycle parking near you. While looking at the map for bicycle parking the coordinates of the map are sent from the phone to the server to fetch any bicycle parking coordinates that are within your current region. No other identifiable information is sent along with these coordinates. These coordinates are not stored for any reason.