14,748 Spots So Far!

Have you added any?

(45,662 spots from external data sources)


The bicycle parking project is powered by cyclists from all around who help build up the database of bicycle racks and other bicycle parking spaces creating a stronger bicycle community by making it easier to plan a ride and get around town without worrying about where to park your bike when you get there (wherever there may be). The project will also help identify locations lacking in bicycle parking and make an effort to coordinate new parking spots with city officials and business owners.

If the app is not available in your country and you would like to use it please contact us and we'll add it!

How it Works

Anyone with the mobile app installed on their mobile device can enter bicycle parking data. Required: the mobile device must have a camera and must allow the app to access their gps location. The app picks up your gps coordinates when you snap a picture of the bike rack or bicycle parking area and sends that information to the main server to be processed. Once the data is processed and verified the new parking space will be available on the public map for everyone to see!

Where it Began

While living car free for over 5 years I used bicycles as my main form or transportation. I biked to run errands, get groceries, commute to work, go to meetings and other appointments. I learned that I can safely carry about 50 pounds of groceries in the panniers on my rear rack. In some cases, for longer distances, a bicycle is not as fast as riding in a car. It’s not much fun to arrive in a new area for an appointment and have to ride around looking for somewhere to lock up my bike. To help make the whole process a little more efficient I decided to look for an app for bicycle parking. When I couldn’t find one for my area, I created a new one for everyone!

Long Term Goals

Empowering cyclists with tools to make cycling easier, safer and more convenient for everyone!