17,709 Spots So Far!

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(45,662 spots from external data sources)

The Bicycle Parking Android App

Download the Android app: Google Play Store Version 3.0 released! 11/18/2021

Added new features: CityTools and SpotRequest. With SpotRequest you can send requests for areas that don't have any bicycle parking. With CityTools now you can add spots manually from your couch (or anywhere else). Manually added spots will appear as smaller gray icons and can be confirmed by anyone who is willing to send a photo from the location later on.


The bicycle parking project is powered by cyclists from all around who help build up the database of bicycle racks and other bicycle parking spaces creating a stronger bicycle community by making it easier to plan a ride and get around town without worrying about where to park your bike when you get there (wherever there may be). The project will also help identify locations lacking in bicycle parking and make an effort to coordinate new parking spots with city officials and business owners.