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(22,013 spots from external data sources)

The Bicycle Parking Android App

Download the Android app: Google Play Store Version 1.1 released! 3/22/2015

Whats New:

  • Added detail view. Click the bicycle parking info window to view image and notes.
  • Added satellite view (access from menu button or toggle with the action button in the top right).
  • Updated the UI so buttons don't interfere with other map features.


  • Tap "Park Here" to drop a green maker on your current coordinates with the date and time to mark your bike's parking spot.
  • Tap "Add Spot" and snap a quick picture then tap send to share bicycle parking that is not on the map yet with everyone!
  • Blue markers are confirmed spots added by you and me. Yellow markers are from external data sources such as a list of bicycle parking areas / bike racks provided by your city.
  • The green park here marker can be removed by tapping the "I Parked Here!" info window. Once it is removed, the "Park Here" button will re appear, so you can mark a new parking spot.
  • Tap the "My Location" button in the top right to toggle between your current location and your parking spot.